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Developer Tools

OpenBase Forms


REALbasic Stored Procedures (documentation & video)
OpenBase SQL makes it easy to write server-side REALbasic stored procedures to implement business logic. By centralizing business logic inside the database, OpenBase SQL enables any type of database client (web and client/server) to access and use the same processes, significantly reducing code duplication, complexity and time-to-deploy.

RealBasic Database Admin Interface Reference (documentation)
The RealBasic Module for OpenBase provides administration classes for creating and controlling OpenBase databases. This section provides an overview of the administrative classes.

OpenBase Forms: Developer Interface


OpenBase Forms: Developer Tools for end users


Developer Tools (downloads)
Download the complete package of developer tools and examples.

ISQL Terminal (documentation)
OpenISQL allows you to execute SQL from a terminal window. Clicking the Interactive SQL Terminal icon or selecting SQL Terminal from the Action menu or Action icon will launch the OpenISQL program and automatically connect it to the selected database.