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Objective-C Espresso

Objective-C Espresso API (documentation & video)
The Espresso API offers a superset of objects which can be combined with the OpenBase API to offer a higher level of access which insulates program logic from SQL. The Espresso API layer takes care of all the SQL, record locking, data encoding and all database access. It is an abstraction layer. At the same time, the Espresso API does not prevent you from writing your own SQL.

Performance Tips -- Objective-C Espresso
When you are dealing with slow connections, the biggest bottleneck is transferring a large volume of data all at once. There are some techniques that can be used to increase the performance involving server-side cursors.

Objective-C Espresso Stored Procedures
This section focuses on building OpenBase stored procedures in Objective-C using the OpenBase Espresso API. Example project code can be found in the OpenBase Developer download which will help you get started in building your own stored procedures in Objective-C or C.

Objective-C and C API Tutorial
OpenBase offers a C and Objective-C API for communicating with databases and retrieving results. This section describes the API calls that are common to both versions of the communications APIs.