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SQL Features

OpenBase SQL Features (documentation & video)
This guide covers the Standard Query Language (SQL), the means by which client applications communicate with database server programs. This guide is only meant to give you a basic understanding of how SQL can be used to create, read and manage database information. For more in depth information we recommend that you refer to a book on ANSI SQL.

OpenBase SQL Tips
Here are some helpful tips to help you take full advantage of unique strengths and features of the OpenBase SQL database when building your software.

OpenBase SQL Features
SQL Feature highlights are detailed on this page. Please visit the [[wiki->http://openbase.wikidot.com/openbase-sql]] for a complete list.

OpenBase SQL Wiki (documentation)
OpenBase SQL is a database server application that provides high-speed access to structured data. SQL stands for Structured Query Language and is the mechanism by which client applications are able to communicate requests to a server that manages the data for the client. Most client-server databases have adopted the SQL standard because it lowers the network communication requirements between applications and databases. But while SQL databases may have the SQL language in common, they can differ in important ways.

Notable Features & Technical Details
This document highlights some notable feature you should be aware of.

Alert Message System
OpenBase has a built in notification system that allows applications and stored procedures to send messages to system administrators via a central notification system. Alerts can set the database error light on the OpenBase Manager so an administrator will know to look at the log.