Terms of Service
OpenBase, LLC., OpenBase User Agreement
This agreement ("Agreement") (including the General and Specific Terms set forth below) contains all of the terms and conditions between OpenBase International, LLC. ("we," "us," "our" or "OpenBase") and you ("you," "user," or "Customer") and governs the use of the services offered at the OpenBase web site (the "Site"). Please read this Agreement before using the Site. Use of the Site constitutes an agreement to all terms and conditions in this Agreement. By using this Site, all users do hereby represent, warrant, understand and agree that they have read this Agreement and understand, agree to and accept all terms and conditions contained herein. If you do not agree to any of the terms set forth herein, you may not use this Site.

General Terms
You may only use this software in compliance with the licensed user limitations and use restrictions. You must obtain an OpenBase SQL license for each server computer with OpenBase installed. Bundled OpenBase licenses may only be used with the software they are bundled with. A license must also be obtained for each organization requiring their own OpenBase database. This means that you can NOT provide ASP-based (Application Service Provider based) database hosting without obtaining a license for each organization subscribing to the service. ASP applications that use shared databases are allowed. This is not meant to limit outside organizations from accessing the licensee's data, only to restrict companies from making OpenBase hosting a service without permission. All sales are final. Demos are available for products sold at this website. It is up to you to try the demos and decide whether the product is right for you. Once the credit cards have been processed and license keys have been sent, all sales become final. If you made a mistake you may be able to intercept your order by contacting order-admin@openbase.com immediately. OpenBase International, LLC makes no warrantee of any kind with respect to the products for sale at this website.

Proprietary Rights
OpenBase is copyrighted by OpenBase International, LLC and is proprietary. OpenBase International, LLC retains title and ownership of OpenBase and all copies of OpenBase. You agree to hold OpenBase authorization codes in confidence and to take all reasonable steps to prevent disclosure. You also agree to pay any illegal use of your authorization code.

Limitation of Liability
Neither OpenBase International, Ltd. nor any one else involved in the creation, production, delivery, or licensing of OpenBase makes any warranty or representation of any kind with respect to OpenBase, its quality, reliability, performance or fitness for any purpose. OpenBase is licensed in its present form, and you assume the risk as to the quality, reliability, and performance of the software and documentation.
It is your responsibility to maintain frequent backups of database and other files. In no event shall OpenBase International, Ltd. be liable to you for any consequential, special, incidental, direct, or indirect damages of any kind arising out of the use of OpenBase.