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Low Maintenance; Powerful Tools

OpenBase SQL has been designed from the beginning to take care of itself, without the need for highly trained database administrators. While more expensive databases often require intervention to maintain indexes or clean out old log files, OpenBase SQL performs these functions automatically, without interrupting service.

Yet for all its self-managing capabilities, OpenBase SQL goes beyond the cryptic command-line tools typically provided by so-called "zero administration" SQL database vendors. From adding new users, to creating tables, to setting security, OpenBase provides simple, intuitive GUI tools that make it easy to administer in the real world.

With OpenBase Manager you get an intuitive and interactive interface for managing and monitoring your databases from anywhere in the world. Databases can be started, stopped, copied, moved between hosts and synchronized. Other features include data import, user management and schema design.

The OpenBase Manager Data Viewer offers administrators an easy way to inspect and edit database tables. The history remembers past queries and selections. A relationship pulldown allows you to link to related records in other tables.

OpenBase Manager also provides direct access to the built-in OpenBase Form Wizard for creating new forms to access data. Forms are stored centrally in the database and can be modified using the OpenBase Form Designer application.

The OpenBase Manager Schema Design tool provides tabular and graphical views and gives database designers a rich set of tools for building databases.

The OpenBase Manager User Manager tool provides complete control over users, groups and their level of access to tables and applications.

The OpenBase Manager Connection window allows you to see the users and applications that are connected to your database


The SQL GUI application has been completely rewritten to offer easy GUI based access to SQL tools.

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