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These benchmarks measure how databases perform out-of-the-box. While a seasoned DBA could probably tweak all of these products to get more performance, the average customer does not have a DBA. A big part of the value of OpenBase SQL is that you get great performance without an expert on-hand to tune and maintain your databases.

The benchmarks were performed by a seasoned consultant with 12 years of Sybase experience. Great care was taken to make sure each database had the exact same data and indexes. Tests were performed on the exact same hardware.

Oracle is not included in the tests because we could not install it successfully. We intend to benchmark Oracle against OpenBase at a later time.

The first test, insertion of 100,000 records, measures both the performance of the server and the latency of the communication. Both are important metrics in real-life application performance and user experience. Round-trips to the database affect all SQL operations.

The three final tests were performed using a single SQL statement to compare raw server speed. Since only one round-trip is made in each of these tests, the network latency and communication becomes much less of a factor.


We recommmend that you seek a database solution that provides both adaquate performance AND practical usability to lower the cost of running and maintaining a database.

While OpenBase SQL beats both free "open source" solutions and costly big iron databases in performance comparisons, it also consistently outperforms in the areas of customer satisfaction and low cost-of-ownership. While these are harder to quantify with numbers, we would encourage you to try OpenBase and see the difference for yourself.

How does OpenBase stack up to Real SQL? See our product comparison: Real SQL vs. OpenBase SQL

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