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OpenBase SQL Downloads

Please click on the version of OpenBase SQL you would like to download. A 30 day demo is available.

OpenBase SQL for MacOS X
Osx Large
Version 12.0.11
Updated 11/29/15
OpenBase SQL for Linux
Linux Large
Version 11.0
Updated 04/08/09

OpenBase Resource Downloads

OpenBase PHP 5.2.8 [Feb 16, 2009]

OpenBase provides an easy installation package that allows you to update PHP on MacOS X with a 64-bit universal binary version that supports OpenBase SQL. Example sources and an Espresso API written in PHP are provided to speed development of web applications.
technical details | download

JSON/XML Server [March 6, 2009]

OpenBase offers a JSON/XML HTTP gateway to access your SQL databases using JSON and XML. This makes it easy for OpenBase to interact with a variety of reporting tools, Java clients, Dashboard Widgets and create flex and iphone applications.
technical details | download

REALbasic Connectivity Module #73 [March 20, 2009]

The OpenBase Connectivity Module for REALbasic is written in REALbasic to ensure compatibility with MacOS X, Windows and Linux. This version has been updated to fully comply with the latest communication encryption provided with OpenBase 11.
technical details | download

Ruby on Rails v8 [Jan 15, 2009]

The Ruby on Rails adaptor for OpenBase provides access to OpenBase databases. Video tutorials and resources are available in the developer section of the website.

Omnis Studio DAMs [Jan 15, 2009]

OpenBase offers both V2 and V3 DAMs for use with Omnis Studio. The DAMs have been updated recently to fix a problem with timezones.
technical details | download

JDBC Driver [Jan 15, 2009]

The OpenBase JDBC driver normally installs with OpenBase. However, you can download it separately here. This JDBC driver is only for use with OpenBase 11+.

4D Plugin [Jan 15, 2009]

The OpenBase 4D Plugin allows you to access OpenBase Databases from 4D. This includes the plugin and documentation for use with 4D.

Extra Developer Examples [March 20, 2009]

This package contains a variety of extra examples, tools and instructional topics. Examples and extras are included for accessing OpenBase from AppleScript, Automator, Objective-C Espresso, C and WebObjects. CodeBuilder, a code generator for RealBasic, is included. Developer topics include LDAP integration, QuickBooks integration and VoIP dialing.
technical details | download

Stored Procedure Examples [March 20, 2009]

This package contains a variety of source examples for building OpenBase stored procedures, including REALbasic, Objective-C, F-Script, Java and OpenScript stored procedures . Documentation for these examples can be found on the OpenBase Wiki.
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