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What is OpenBase SQL?

OpenBase SQL is a relational database server that provides data storage and high-speed multi-user access for networked users.

SQL stands for the Structured Query Language that enables client applications to communicate requests to a server. Most client-server databases have adopted the SQL standard because it lowers the network communication requirements between applications and databases. But while these databases have SQL in common, they can differ in important ways.

What makes OpenBase SQL different?

OpenBase SQL is a proven, affordable and complete database server application that cuts development times and reduces total cost-of-ownership (TCO) for business customers. What'€™s more, OpenBase SQL comes with advanced features built-in, including: fault tolerant journaling, incremental backups, encryption and automated maintenance. So you can focus less on your database--and more on your business.

With OpenBase SQL, you get:

  • Power: Multi-threaded design handles multiple requests simultaneously and takes full advantage of multi-core and multi-processor systems--so clients never have to wait.

  • Fault tolerance: Unique multi-file journaling architecture ensures fault tolerance and data integrity--without compromising database performance.

  • Ease-of-use: Designed to work--and work simply--without the need for a database administrator or expensive consulting services.

  • Built-in capabilities: Advanced features that are simply unavailable--or cost much more--on other databases, including: incremental backups, GUI tools, stored procedures, e-commerce credit card processing integration, synchronization and clustering.

  • Open standards: Support for all of today'€™s open and de facto tools and interfaces--with native support for WebObjects 5, JDBC, 4D, REALbasic, PHP, Perl, Cocoa, Ruby on Rails and more.

What don'€™t other SQL vendors want you to know?

Many SQL databases are complicated to set up and maintain. That complexity can cost you, again and again, in time, effort, consulting fees and services.

No DBAs needed

With OpenBase SQL, you don'€™t have to hire an expert to fix your databases or maintain indexes. That'€™s because OpenBase SQL was designed from the beginning to operate as a turn-key database. For example, OpenBase SQL databases are self-tuning and routinely perform maintenance tasks that often require an experienced database administrator on other database systems.

While we do recommend a Pro Service license or support contract to receive regular updates, it is very rare that our customers need assistance in running their databases. With OpenBase SQL, you'€™re more productive sooner; saving time, effort and consulting fees right from the start--and over the long run.

Build your own applications, faster

What'€™s more, OpenBase offers a variety of development tools and head-starts to make developing applications easy.

For example, OpenBase Forms provides an easy-to-use GUI interface for laying out input forms. The Forms Wizard provides instant gratification for users who simply want to build a quick database interface. While underlying the Wizard is a powerful development environment, which you can use to build very sophisticated database-driven applications--fast.

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