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What is OpenBase Forms?

OpenBase Forms is a database interface that makes it easy to organize complex database information on functional data input screens, so users can find what they need fast.

OpenBase Forms unique design organizes hierarchical database information on panels which create a storyboard of related information. The design avoids the problems with fitting too much information on a single window or requiring the user to manage many inter-related windows. It keeps things simple.

OpenBase Forms provides a complete database development environment:

  • End users can use the OpenBase Form Wizard to generate forms for their relational data.
  • Advanced users can use the full GUI OpenBase Form Designer tool to edit forms and add event-driven business logic.

OpenBase Forms source code is also available to Cocoa Developers so they can use it to extend their applications and enable their users to make their own modifications. There are no runtime fees. Only a licensed version of OpenBase SQL is required to use OpenBase Forms.