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OpenBase Forms incorporates many screen widgets and design elements to help you build powerful interfaces.

Object Palette

Selection tools include pop-up selection, navigation bar controls and table chooser.

OpenBase Forms also supports a variety of pre-built objects, which offer easy control over database data.

Roll over these panels for a better view.

OpenBase Form Wizard

The OpenBase Form Wizard guides users through the process of generating a new panel from an existing table. The Wizard can be accessed directly from the OpenBase Managers Form menu.

OpenBase Form Designer

The OpenBase Form Designer offers more robust programming tools for customizing OpenBase Forms, allowing advanced users to rearrange elements and write scripts. The scripting language, called OpenScript, is similar to Apple Script. Since OpenScript is also the stored procedure language for OpenBase, the same language runs on both the client and server.

The GUI design tool in Form Designer allows users to drag new screen widgets off the palette and onto the panel. You can then reposition screen elements and resize them, using familiar interface controls. Database columns can be connected to the widgets using a simple drag-and-drop interface.

The finished application can look something like this.