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FlightArrivals.com -- Helping a great idea take flight.

OpenBase SQL delivers consistent performance with zero downtime.

Since April 2000, FlightArrivals.com has been providing travelers with free flight information for commercial airline flights over the U.S. and Canada. It's so user-friendly that several major airports including both Washington DC's Dulles International and Reagan National as well as San Diego Airport, are using FlightArrivals.com to provide passengers with accurate flight information.

The site already handles more than 2 million transactions per day, far more than expected when it launched. And as Internet accessibility goes mobile, FlightArrivals.com is ready to serve the millions of other travelers and their entourages expected to log on using handheld devices.

So how does a small start-up process the huge amounts of information required to do this? It relies on a database that is immensely powerful, yet easy to use -- OpenBase.

"OpenBase SQL is the database engine we use to store and retrieve all of the flight information we offer on FlightArrivals.com," says Sunil Punnoose, president of the Herndon, VA.-based company. "Given the volume of data we receive and the many search options we had to offer, a relational database engine was clearly the best solution."

Why they decided on OpenBase

The FlightArrivals team evaluated SQL servers from Oracle, Sybase, Microsoft and Frontbase before deciding on OpenBase. Several important factors were considered during the selection process, says Punnoose.

A key factor is performance, and OpenBase delivers the speed and efficiency that FlightArrivals.com has to have. With features like data clustering, which puts pieces of information likely to be retrieved together on consecutive disk pages, OpenBase provides the high levels of performance needed by large organizations. OpenBase also has excellent administration tools and a proven track record, all factors in the decision. At FlightArrivals.com they use OpenBase in conjunction with WebObjects, a dynamic application server, and the database performance is outstanding.

A database solution that's both fast and affordable.

They've also been happy with the cost, always a crucial consideration for a small start-up. "Oracle, though known for performance, is outrageously expensive," says Punnoose. "OpenBase offered the best price-to-performance ratio. There were some products that were price competitive, but only OpenBase has stood the test of time with a strong history of users."

The choice of the more mature product reflects the site's mission: When you're providing flight schedule information to countless travelers, failure is not an option. FlightArrivals.com made the right selection, because OpenBase has proven to be rock-steady reliable.

"We have been very happy with OpenBase, it is fast, reliable, cost-effective and has a great support team," says Punnoose.

Reliable information when it's needed

While travelers can't avoid flight delays, at least they have a reliable and convenient way of finding out when their plane will actually touch down. And as word of the service spreads, FlightArrivals.com is quickly becoming a favorite of frequent flyers. It has earned rave reviews in publications such as People Magazine and Yahoo Internet Life.

Punnoose and his team plan to continue building the FlightArrivals brand. With revenues derived from licensing the site's content and sales of banner advertising, FlightArrivals has the means to grow. And with the stability, speed and performance of OpenBase, the site will be able to continue offering travelers the information they need, when they need it - no matter how hugely popular FlightArrivals.com becomes.

And, Punnoose, says, there's more to come, "We will be adding a lot of new features and continue to be the best in the business."

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