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Parliant answers the call with OpenBase SQL

Parliant's PhoneValet Message Center brings the telephone into the Macintosh world

"The database is the foundation for all we do, so it has to be rock-solid."

Wouldn't it be great if your phone would simply announce out loud who was calling? If it would keep an accurate and accessible log of all your in-coming and out-going calls numbers, names, date, duration and provide you with the information you needed about any particular call whenever you needed it?

What if, instead of fumbling with cassette tapes, you could record conversations with a click of a mouse -- and store them permanently in an easy to search database? What if, instead of checking voicemail for that important message, when it came in, your phone found you?

What if, you could talk to your Macintosh and make it do things for you over the phone?

Now you can, thanks to Parliant Corporation and its PhoneValet Message Center product.

Transforming telephony

Winner of multiple awards, including "MacWorld Best of Show 2004 Boston," the PhoneValet Message Center leverages Apple Mac OS X technologies, such as voice recognition and speech synthesis; proven OpenBase SQL relational database technology; and telephony services to provide individuals and companies with a remarkably useful and versatile digital phone assistant.

"We specialize in products that literally listen to the people that use them," says Kevin Ford, CEO of Parliant Corporation.

In response to a spoken, hands-free "Call Bob Smith" command, PhoneValet will initiate lookup, note geographical location and dial the appropriate 7-, 10- or 11-digit number for you. And it will use the correct calling card, if you've assigned one.

Also fluent in text-to-speech, PhoneValet announces aloud who is calling, before the second ring a much faster and less disruptive way to screen calls than running to look at Caller ID or waiting in suspense for a call "to go to the machine."

And like a good assistant, PhoneValet doesn't just passively take messages, either. It chases you down, notifying your pager, cell phone and/or email any time you receive a call, and providing you with name, number and time, as well as a sound file attachment, so you can listen to the message, wherever you are.

"Since it's in the database, if you're looking for a particular conversation two years later, you can say '

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