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Espresso C++ and Objective-C APIs
Offers an object interface to database data.
JDBC Driver
Provides full access from any Java application running on any platform that supports Java.
4D Plugin
Facilitates the development of 4th Dimension applications that communicate with OpenBase databases.
ActualODBC Driver
Offers ODBC connectivity for applications supporting the ODBC standard.
OpenBase Forms
Speeds building event driven database applications using an easy-to-use interface.
REALbasic Plugin
Provides compatibility with the REALbasic, a powerful programming environment for PC and Mac platforms.
PHP5 Plugin
Use compiled modules for easy PHP access.
Ruby on Rails Driver
Build OpenBase interfaces using Ruby on Rails.
Perl Compatibility
Provides full compatibility with Perl using the JDBC DBI.
Omnis Studio DAM
Provides full compatibility with Omnis Studio for building cross-platform database applications.
WebObjects Compatibility
Provides seamless integration with WebObjects development tools.
Cold Fusion Compatibility
Provides seamless integration with Cold Fusion through JDBC.


Database Management Tools

The OpenBase Manager offers a slick MacOS X look-and-feel in addition to powerful database management capabilities, including:

  • In-line database status progress bars
  • Drag-and-drop database groups
  • Detachable database monitoring windows
  • Color-coded databases
  • Expanded views of database descriptions and sizes
  • Log files showing error severity and alarms
  • New action buttons and contextual menus giving easy access to all database functions
  • Integrated OpenBase Forms and OpenBase Forms Wizard
  • OpenBase Manager is also available on Windows and Linux.
XML Setup
Makes it easy to setup the JSON / XML Server for accessing OpenBase data through HTTP calls.
OpenBase Restore
Provides a way to restore an database as of any time.
Interactive SQL Program (openisql)
Provides the ability to run automated SQL scripts, execute ad-hoc SQL queries and perform data import and export functions.
OpenBase Monitor
Offers database activity graphing and monitoring.
OpenBase Form Wizard
Allows you to take any set of related tables and turn it into a form that can be edited from OpenBase Forms or any application that embeds the OpenBase Forms framework.
OpenBase Form Designer
Makes it easy to develop full-featured business applications based on OpenBase Forms. Comes with a GUI editor for repositioning wigets, specifying business logic and creating new forms.

Data Migration Tools

Tabular Data Import
Allows you to import and map tabular or comma-separated data into multiple joining database tables, using a simple drag-and-drop interface.
MySQL / Postgres Conversion
Upgrades hard-to-manage MySQL or Postgres databases quickly and easily to OpenBase SQL. SQL-2-OpenBase converts tables, columns and data. Datatypes are automatically mapped and can be easily customized.

Open Source Tools

Allows command-line SQL access to OpenBase SQL and many of its features.

SQL Features

  • Select
  • Sub-select
  • Create Table
  • Create Index
  • Create Unique Index
  • Create Clustered Index
  • Alter Table
  • Insert
  • Update
  • Delete
  • Inner and Outer joins
  • Derived Columns
  • Aggregate Functions
  • String Functions
  • Views
  • Between
  • In
  • Exists
  • Like
  • Sounds Like
  • Group By
  • Order By
  • Drop Index
  • Drop Table

Development Support includes: