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Here is what people are saying about OpenBase SQL.


I have loaded Version 11 on a new Leopard machine and the install went flawlessly. On first starting a database a popup came up and offered to fix the permissions and once approved all the permissions for all the databases were fixed (thank you for this feature). Everything worked perfectly and the performance is exceptional.

Shayne Steele, FIGG Engineering

Apr 4, 2009

Our applications are in use world-wide to monitor and evaluate high profile government aid projects. OpenBase, with its high speed, reliability, and ease of operation, is critical to our success.

Jim Pistrang, SageFox Consulting Group

Sep 25, 2008

Box Office Tickets has several arrays of servers and applications handing millions of requests daily.  We’ve been using OpenBase SQL mirroring capabilities for 6+ years with no issues at all. After a decade, the performance of our SQL database continues to keep pace with our business growth--and its automatic failover features provide a great security blanket for our 24/7 customer-facing services.  We look forward to another decade of success with OpenBase in our data center.

George Domurot, Box Office Tickets

Sep 18, 2008

I speak from our experience of having used OpenBase for close to 3 years now for our FlightArrivals.com site - which has been deployed and in production (7x24x365) for about 2 years now.... I am not aware of any other WebObjects based sites out there that is more database intensive and handles more traffic than FlightArrivals.com. Without prompt and dependable vendor support, we just wouldn't have been able to maintain the high service levels. OpenBase has been there for us!!

Sunil Punnoose, FlightArrivals.com

[OpenBase] perfomance was excellent and there were no problems whatsoever. My client is happy and so am I.

John Heaney, SolidObject