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Here is what people are saying about OpenBase SQL.

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" I just want to take a minute to express my overwhelming gratitude for the support staff at OpenBase and in particular Patrick Jusseau. Not only is he extremely knowledgeable but also prompt (rare in our field) patient, courteous, and helpful. I am in the process of building a JSP web application for my department with Macromedia UltraDev and OpenBase on MacOS X Server. After experiencing problems with the initial set-up, I contacted Macromedia support and did not receive any reasonable amount of assistance and thought maybe OpenBase could assist. As it turns out, Patrick was instrumental in getting me up and running. It has been a pleasure to use your products and know that the support line (more like a life line) is there if needed."

Kevin Smith, University of California, San Diego

"Few companies I've worked with have such rapid turnaround time."

Juan J. Collas

OpenBase does have all of the backend management and design tools... We are in the process of deploying a very complex system that manages the brokering of produce, manages the growers and their daily prices and availabilities, manages the truck and it's route/load from the Pacific Northwest back to the wholesalers in Dallas. Also does AR/AP/GL... Pulls a million records per call. Reduces same in less than one second to 1850 based on three indexes. Imports at the rate of 25,000 records per minute. And our client does about 40 million a year in sales.

Kent Myhre, Database Design Works

"This is an awesome package! Love the tools! I'm definitely moving my databases off Pervasive and on to OpenBase."

Jim Klein

"Excited to see your continued progress in developing OpenBase, we made a great choice."

Dan Burger, The Chapel

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