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Upgrade to OpenBase SQL 12.0

More Innovation, More Flexibility, More Value

No one understands what you need in a database solution better than you do. That's why we listened to customers like you and packed OpenBase SQL 12.0 with powerful new features that lower cost and increase productivity so you can focus on your business.

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OpenBase SQL Features

OpenBase SQL 12 builds on a more than a decade of database innovation and uniquely advanced capabilities that businesses of all kinds rely on, including:

Incremental backup

Now OpenBase SQL comes with powerful, easy-to-configure incremental backup services for all of the databases running on your database server. Like Apple'€™s Time Machine, OpenBase SQL Incremental Backup services make it easy for you to rewind your database to any point in time. [more]

Always-on encryption

Now OpenBase SQL delivers always-on encryption for secure database access, from anywhere, anytime. OpenBase uses the Diffie-Hellman (D-H) key exchange cryptographic protocol, which allows communications to be established securely over an insecure public network. D-H key exchange provides the basis for a variety of authentication protocols, including SSL and SSH. OpenBase uses this same trusted protocol to provide secure access to data without having to configure a VPN.

64-bit performance

OpenBase SQL 12 supports 64-bit Mac OS X 10.5+ systems for customers who manage large data sets and require greater resources than what 32-bit applications can access. 32-bit versions of OpenBase SQL 12 are also provided for Mac OS X 10.4 compatibility.


The new JSON/XML Server provides access your OpenBase SQL databases via JSON and XML. Now it'€™s easy to use a wide variety of reporting tools, Java clients, dashboard widgets, and other applications with OpenBase SQL--and to create new Objective-J, flex and iPhone applications on top of the OpenBase SQL database. [more]

Query diagnostics

A new diagnostic capability automatically collects timing statistics on queries so you can easily identify any performance bottlenecks--and address them.

Enhanced interfaces

OpenBase SQL 12 supports new and updated APIs, including PHP v5, AppleScript API, Automator actions, WebObjects plugin, Java 1.5 JDBC Driver, REALbasic Connectivity Module, Ruby on Rails adaptor, Universal Binary Omnis DAM, Universal Binary Cocoa Frameworks and Universal Binary C & C++ Libraries. All APIs support always-on encryption and other security features.

Optimized performance & memory usage

OpenBase SQL 12 delivers both: faster performance and leaner memory usage--with query performance and connection times as much as 3x faster than version 10!


Now you can use subqueries, including stored procedure calls, to insert data directly into an OpenBase SQL database, using either INSERT INTO or REPLACE INTO syntax. This capability provides greater flexibility and convenience when moving data between data sources.

Enhanced Data Viewer Window

An all-new and improved OpenBase Manager Data Viewer provides better history navigation, selection, custom queries and sorting, so you can interact with your database data easier than ever before. [more]

Dynamic network configuration

OpenBase SQL 12 comes with automatic IP discovery, so OpenBase SQL database clients and servers automatically reconfigure themselves whenever networks and IP addresses change.

Enhanced stored procedures

OpenScript, the OpenBase stored procedure language used to write business logic, has been updated to support arrays, dictionaries and a variety of other powerful features.

Bonjour Support

Automatic server discovery provides seamless and immediate access to network OpenBase servers, with minimal configuration.

Zero-configuration for NAT/firewall access

Just open the ports on your firewall; that'€™s all you have to do to get access to your OpenBase servers when using Network Address Translation. Auto-configuration capabilities built into the networking layer provides automatic and transparent access. Always-on encryption provides secure access.

Forms integration

OpenBase Manager provides an OpenBase Forms menu for convenient access to your personalized database input forms. Forms Designer makes it easy to build fully functional database interfaces quickly. And OpenBase Forms source code is provided, so you can extend any Cocoa application with input forms that connect to OpenBase SQL databases. OpenBase Forms is included at no charge with all commercial versions of OpenBase SQL. [more]

Stored procedure languages

OpenBase SQL supports OpenScript 3.0, REALbasic, F-Script, Objective-C and Java.

Server-side variables

Thread-safe server-side variables allow multiple database clients to coordinate actions, increment primary key values and store values centrally.

Stored procedures as subqueries

OpenBase SQL permits stored procedures to be used in subqueries, so that queries can incorporate outside services and business logic during evaluation.

JDBC database subqueries

OpenBase supports JDBC-compliant databases (e.g., Oracle, Sybase) as data sources for OpenBase SQL queries, simplifying integration with legacy systems.

Join syntax

Standard SQL join syntax, such as INNER JOIN, OUTER JOIN or LEFT JOIN, is supported for seamless compatibility with applications, such as Crystal Reports.

Temporary tables

OpenBase SQL databases support temporary, connection-specific tables that are private to the user who creates them. Temporary tables are removed when the user who created them disconnects.

Application alarms

These SQL commands make it easy for application designers to define conditions that trigger the OpenBase Manager alarm system to alert administrators of error conditions. Events can also be logged and displayed to system administrators.

Powerful management capabilities

The intuitive iTunes look-and-feel of OpenBase Manager makes it easy to stay informed and in control. Powerful tools include: in-line database status progress bars; drag-n-drop database groups; detachable database monitoring windows; color-coded databases; expanded views of database descriptions and sizes; log files showing error severity and alarms; and new action buttons and contextual menus, for easy access to all database functions. [more]

Stored procedure scheduling

Automate routine functions and processes using the built-in OpenBase stored procedure scheduling system and its flexible triggering options. A simple, graphic interface makes it easy to schedule stored procedures. Schedule stored procedures to run on a daily or weekly basis, or whenever a specific database event occurs, such as startup or shutdown.

Schema modification recorder

OpenBase SQL automatically tracks all schema changes made to your development database, so you can quickly upgrade your production system. Unlike methods that compare schemas and try to reconcile differences, OpenBase SQL records the renaming of tables and columns in the exact order in which they were performed. Production data is preserved and deploying updates to schema and software is smoother and less stressful.

SQL GUI application

OpenBase SQL comes with an SQL GUI application for simpler, more productive interfacing with openisql. The SQL GUI supports named queries, templates and quick access to stored procedures.

Relocatable databases

For greater flexibility and safety, the default location for OpenBase SQL databases is /Users/Shared/OpenBase, a common place where backups are performed whenever computers are serviced. The default also makes it easy to re-locate databases to a new external RAID or hard drive. However, a DatabasePath file allows you to relocate your databases anywhere on your hard drive.