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Product Comparison

Product Solo Network Unlimited
Users 1 Unlimited
Platforms Mac Only Mac/Win/Linux
Multi-threaded No Yes
64-bit No Yes
Remote Admin No Yes
NEW! Check GreenEncryption (always on) Yes Yes
Fault Tolerant Redundant File Architecture Yes Yes
Transaction Integrity Yes Yes
NEW! Check GreenIncremental Backups Yes Yes
OpenBase Manager Yes Yes
SQL Utility Yes Yes
Monitoring Tools Yes Yes
Automated Stored Procedure Scheduling Yes Yes
Stored Procedures
OpenScript Yes Yes
Java procedures Yes Yes
NEW! Check GreenHTML scraping procedures Yes Yes
RealBasic procedures Yes Yes
Objective-C procedures Yes Yes
Built-in procedures Yes Yes
E-mail fetching/sending procedures Yes Yes
Document indexing procedures Yes Yes
Advanced SQL Features
Standard SQL: selects, updates, inserts, deletes Yes Yes
Alter table and schema creation Yes Yes
Derived Columns Yes Yes
Server-side Cursors Yes Yes
Server-side Variables Yes Yes
Triggers Yes Yes
Enforced types Yes Yes
Indexes Yes Yes
Primary key generation Yes Yes
Database Mirroring No Premium Support Required
Database Synchronization No Premium Support Required
... plus many other features
Basic API Package
NEW! Check GreenEnhanced PHP Yes Yes
NEW! Check GreenJDBC/Java Yes Yes
NEW! Check GreenObjective-C Espresso API Yes Yes
NEW! Check GreenRealBasic Connectivity Module Yes Yes
Omnis DAM Yes Yes
AppleScript Yes Yes
NEW! Check GreenOpenScript Yes Yes
Automator Actions Yes Yes
Third Party (sold separately)
Actual ODBC Driver Yes Yes

Advanced Service Options

Premium Support
# of servers covered Multiple servers
Upgrades & Maintenance Yes
Database Mirroring Yes
Database Synchronization Yes
NEW! Check GreenJSON/XML Query Server Yes
Help Provided
Phone support Yes
Performance tuning help Yes
Application design consultation Yes